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Key West Full Futon Lounger

Key West Full Futon Lounger


Futon Mattress

The Lounger is so comfortable you will not want to get up. Your guests will enjoy both the bed and lounge position. This unobtrusive guest bed will fit easily into your home office. Price includes our 8" premium mattress. Free Shipping.

Futon Lounger Cover Sold Separately

Delivery and Installation Not Included

Available upon request

Ask for Detail.

What makes the Lounger so versatile?

  • The Lounger extends, reclines, retracts, lays flat, sits up, and can generally be configured to suit your comfort mood.
  • The extension slides straight out to support your legs in its extended position.
  • The extension also drops to the floor to create the unique "steamer position".
  • The extension is easily removable, it hooks on and off.
  • The extension slides back into the seat turning the Lounger into a normal loveseat (no extension utilized).
  • The backrest will tilt back into reclining position (as do all our futon bodies).
  • The Lounger also becomes a bed on a moment's notice.

Dimensions: In the Loveseat position 62" x 36"

                         In the Lounger position.  62" x 54"

                         In the Bed position.          62" x 74"