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Brilliant Italian space saving designs
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Italian Rotating Murphy Beds
& Bunk Wall Beds

The Rotating Murphy Bed With Desk

The concept is simple, yet ingenious. During the day you have a stunning cabinet with shelves  and a pull down table made of the finest European laminates. At night, simply pull and rotate the front panel to expose a slatted frame Murphy Bed. Bring the bed down to create a convenient and comfortable guest room. Brilliant engineering achieves this with minimum effort in the least amount of space. ​

Murphy Bunk Beds

Boss Murphy Bunk Bed

Angel Murphy Bunk Bed

Nathan Murphy Bunk Bed

These Murphy Bunk Beds are perfect for sleeping the Grandchildren or friends who do not wish to share a bed. Their amazingly small foot print allows you create a multi-functional room  or add a couple and create your own bunk room. They are fantastic anywhere you need to fit lots of people in a small space. Exceptionally low profile and made from the finest European laminates. With the Boss, you make the bottom bunk a desk. and with the Angel there's a reversible back that makes the bottom bunk a sofa!. The brilliant engineering behind these fold down bunk beds allows for all of this with minimum effort in the least amount of space.

All of our Contemporary Italian Murphy Beds come with a Beechwood slated frame supported by rubber gaskets – what they use in Europe instead of box springs – for total comfort. Our optional high-quality high density all foam mattresses come in standard and memory foam models to suit your taste. The Murphy Bunk Bed system has been tested for 50,000 cycles, ensuring a lifetime of satisfying use and convenience. A mattress strap is provided so you may keep the bedding in place, though you will have to store the pillows elsewhere.
Our Murphy Bunk Beds feature a variety of the highest quality laminate finishes. Use one finish throughout or use one laminate for the sides and another for the front panel.

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