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How much space do I need for a Wall Bed/Murphy bed?

81.9"  or 6.8 feet of space for a King Size Bed.

65.5" or 5.5 feet of space for a Queen Size Bed.

59.5'' or 4.9 feet of space for a Full Size Bed. 

49.5" or 4.1 feet of space for a Twin Bed.

Can I Keep my Bedding when my Wall Bed/Murphy Bed is Closed?

Absolutely! We provide a Velcro strap to hold your bedding and mattress in

place when your Wall Bed/Murphy Bed is in the vertical position. You can open

your Wall Bed /Murphy Bed and use it immediately. Fitted sheet, flat sheet,

blankets, and certain comforters can all stay on the Wall Bed/Murphy Bed when

the unit is in a closed position.  However, the pillow is usually is too puffy for the

space between the mattress and the wall, and will most likely NOT close the

Wall Bed/Murphy Bed securely. 

Can I buy the Bed and Install it Myself?

Yes, but it will void the warranty. Wall Beds is not liable for any injuries and we recommend

to be professional install. 

Can I take my Wall Bed/ Murphy Bed with me when I move?

Yes, it can be move. We recommend to be professional uninstall and reinstall. 

Is Warranty Transferable?

No, warranty is not transferable.

Do Wall Beds/Murphy Beds attach to the floor or to the wall? 

Our Wall beds attach to the wall. We attach the bed into the studs of the wall in 3-4 places.

Can I use my own mattress & What is the weight limit for Murphy bed?

Yes, as long as the mattress is inner spring 11 inches thick or under. Our beds can accommodate up to 250 lbs per person and 500 lbs per couple.