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How much space do I need for a Wall Bed/Murphy bed?

81.9"  or 6.8 feet of space for a King Size Bed.

65.5" or 5.5 feet of space for a Queen Size Bed.

59.5'' or 4.9 feet of space for a Full Size Bed. 

49.5" or 4.1 feet of space for a Twin Bed.

Can I Keep my Bedding when my Wall Bed/Murphy Bed is Closed?

Absolutely! We provide a Velcro strap to hold your bedding and mattress in place when your Wall Bed/Murphy Bed is in the vertical position. You can open your Wall Bed /Murphy Bed and use it immediately. Fitted sheet, flat sheet, blankets, and certain comforters can all stay on the Wall Bed/Murphy Bed when the unit is in a closed position.  However, the pillow is usually is too puffy for the space between the mattress and the wall, and will most likely NOT close the Wall Bed/Murphy Bed securely. 

Can I buy the Bed and Install it Myself?

Yes, but it will void the warranty. Wall Beds is not liable for any injuries and we recommend to be professional install. 

Can I take my Wall Bed/ Murphy Bed with me when I move?

Yes, it can be move. We recommend to be professional uninstall and reinstall. 

Is Warranty Transferable?

No, warranty is not transferable.

Do Wall Beds/Murphy Beds attach to the floor or to the wall? 

Our Wall beds attach to the wall. We attach the bed into the studs of the wall in 3-4 places.


Can I use my own mattress? 

Yes, as long as the mattress is inner spring 10.5 inches thick or under.