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Natural Stone Accent Walls

The perfect complement to any design.

These natural stone accent wall finishes let you add warmth and elegance to a variety of architectural structures in residential or commercial spaces. A great addition to go with your custom entertainment center.

Natural Stone Accent Wall Finishes:

Natural Stone Accent Wall Finish - Ivory Travertine

Ivory Travertine

A light, neutral design option that brightens your space with subtle touches of dark character throughout, Ivory Travertine is a vibrant and elegant choice for any stone wall application.

Natural Stone Finish - Silver Splitface Travertine

Silver Splitface Travertine

With its timeless blend of soft cream and gray tones, Silver Splitfire Travertine is an ideal choice for character-rich accent walls, fireplace surrounds, or islands.

Natural Stone Accent Wall Finish - Scabos Travertine

Scabos Travertine

Deep gold intertwined with patches of red, peach and black make Scabos Travertine a warm and unique choice for a decorative accent wall.

Natural Stone Accent Wall Finish - White Crystal Marble

White Crystal Marble

Offering a less porous and smoother surface composition than Travertine, our White Crystal Marble features sparkling crystals and grey veins that will make a stunning impact on any wall.

Accent Wall Examples:

Natural Stone Accent Wall behind sofa
Stone Wall behind TV for fireplace
Stone Wall behind guest bed