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Q. Do you remove the baseboards when you install my custom Wall Bed, home office or closet?

A. Yes we do. We plunge cut the baseboard for a seamless custom fit.

Q. How do you install the Wall Bed to the wall?

A. We attach the bed to the wall with anchor bolts. Whether it be wood or metal, our guys are trained to handle both. And instead of just drilling through particle board, or using L-brackets, we drill through a 1" piece of solid wood to give your bed extra support.

Q. What are the dimensions of your murphy beds?

A. Our Queen Wall Bed measures 66 inches wide, 85 inches tall, and 15 or 20 inches deep. The bed projects into the room out from the wall 94 inches.

Full Wall Beds measures 60 inches wide, 85 inches tall, and 10 inches deep. The bed projects into the room out from the wall 89 inches.

Q. Does the mattress come with your Wall Bed unit?

A. Yes, we include our 9 1/2 inch Inner Spring mattress (standard size) but you can upgrade to a 10 inch Memory Foam mattress or provide your own mattress as long as it is 9 to 11 inches deep.

Q. Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

A. Yes we can. Our prices will vary depending on your needs, since every design is custom based on door style, color, material and size of cabinets. Contact us today!

Q. What size beds do you offer?

A. We offer Twin, Full, and Queen sized beds

Q. What are your custom cabinets made of?

A. Our custom cabinetry is made of melamine coated board, and our door/drawer fronts are thermofoil MDF.

Our drawer boxes are made of 5-piece double-sided white birch plywood, made in-house.

Q. Can I move my panel bed after it's installed if I decide to move?

A. Yes the panel beds can be moved, but make sure it is by an experienced handyman or carpenter. If you do not have someone like that available, we have people we can recommend.

Q. Can we leave pillows when closing up the bed?

A. No, the pillows need to be removed and stored in the closet or drawers. Leaving the pillows in the murphy bed will cause severe damage to the headboard, panels and could void the warranty.

Q. Why are there door gaps on both side of the bed?

A. The unit reveals gaps on the side of the bed, and the main reason there are gaps is due to the mechanism. The mechanism needs to have plenty of space for opening and closing. It also has to allow the bottom to tilt in and out. Uneven gaps of 1/8 are due to the wall and floor leveling. A key factor about the murphy bed mechanism is it needs to be used up to 10 times in order to settle in place.

Q. What is your warranty?

A. We have a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our products. Contact us for more information.