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What Is The Best Guest Bed For Multi-Functional Rooms In 2020

by Cristina MartucciJan 23, 2020
What Is The Best Guest Bed For Multi-Functional Rooms In 2020

Before deciding on the best guest bed, it is essential to asses your personal needs and space. Consider the following questions before making your decision;
How often do you have guests?
What other functions will you guest bedroom serve?
How large is your guest bedroom?
What is the typical age of your guests?
What is your budget?
Do you like your guests? Just joking, of course, you like your guests.

The Futon Sofa Bed

Futon Sofa Beds have gotten a bad rap over the years; however, we believe this is a case of you get what you pay for. Many large furniture stores have labeled cheap convertible sofas as futons, and this is confusing for customers. An authentic futon is a wooden frame with a removable pliable mattress. It follows that the comfort of the futon, both as a bed and a sofa, depends on the anatomy of the mattress.

Choose an American made futon mattress with a combination of foam, innerspring, and cotton for optimal comfort. Expect to pay between $800 to $1500 for a futon sofa bed that is both durable and comfortable. Futon Sofa Beds work well for a room where it is essential to have a comfortable place to sit.

As the cover on the futon can be removed, this is an excellent choice if you have pets or small children or just guests who act like small children. For would-be interior designers, the removable cover is a huge plus.

We offer a vast selection of futon covers and have futon sofas that lend themselves to the coastal and tropical interiors so popular in the Orlando / Villages area.

While a full-size futon sofa looks similar in size to a conventional sofa, queen- size futons can seem a little cumbersome. Queen size futons also require a certain amount of strength to operate, something to keep in mind when making your selection.

The Murphy Cabinet Bed

The Murphy Cabinet bed is an innovative new style of guest bed that has many advantages. A free-standing piece of furniture when closed the cabinet is a compact 64" x 27".

This attractive piece of furniture unfolds into a queen-size bed and includes a cool gel memory foam mattress; your guests are sure to sleep in comfort.

If you love the idea of a Murphy Bed but are not ready to commit to a built-in piece of furniture, the Murphy Cabinet Bed is the perfect solution.

With a large selection of wood finishes and styles, this piece will blend with most office furniture. We are particularly drawn to the coastal finishes such as Driftwood and Skye.

The Villages Wall Bed

Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King size, the Villages Wall Bed is the ultimate guest bed.

Wall beds are the updated offspring of the faithful Murphy Bed. The critical difference is in the mechanism that lifts the bed. While that may seem a small change, it offers many benefits.

The Spring Lift Balance mechanism found in our Wall Beds consists of several coils and requires less space than the old school Murphy Bed springs. This mechanism is attached to the wall with just a few screws, unlike a Murphy Bed, which is floor-mounted. The benefit is it can be moved to a different room or transferred to your new home.

The Spring Lift mechanism is so compact it is built into our cabinetry, resulting in a sleek, elegant piece of furniture. The lifting action is smooth and easy; even a child could do it.

The Village Wall Bed exceeds industry standards in that it is built to accommodate a 10-inch conventional mattress. With this quality mattress, your guests will sleep as comfortably as in a dedicated guest bedroom. The bed can be made up even when closed, and there is also pillow storage in the headboard.

The Ocala Home Office Wall Bed

The Ocala Wall Bed has all the functionality of The Villages Wall Bed with the added plus of a built-in desk. When space is a premium, and when isn't it, this feature makes perfect sense.

If you are using your guest bedroom as a home office or crafting room, you no longer have to move furniture before you can lower the bed. Simply drop down the desk, and you are ready to go.

The stylish raised panel doors and the 20 plus custom finishes ensure that this piece will match your existing home office furniture.

In conclusion, Wall Beds excel as a guest bed due to the level of comfort the mattress provides plus the no mess no fuss ease of opening and closing.